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101 Tips for Recovering from Addictions

book Description

101 Tips for Recovering from Addictions

101 Tips for Recovering from Addictions can help transform the life of any recovering addict from bleak to bright. These practical suggestions give hope, from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, to realizing this light holds a promising future to reclaim. Readers will learn:

  • How to keep hope and seek help, even in the darkest of days
  • How to deal with the major monster of denial
  • How to plan to become consistently productive
  • How to take care of your brain and body so that you're happier and healthier
  • How to routinely remember to never give up
  • How to push through and know that recovery can be realized
  • And much, much more

101 Tips for Recovering from Addictions is available in paperback, E-Book and Audio format.

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The Essential recovery companion

Book Description

The Essential Recovery Companion

The Essential Addiction Recovery Companion builds on Richard Singer's most recently acclaimed book, 101 Tips for Recovery from Addictions. The companion is a thorough and innovative guide that offers practical applications paired with in depth questions to help the reader discover a new life away from the hell of addiction. The book is holistic in its approach, covering the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of recovery. The writing is simple and empathic, which makes it feel as if readers have a therapist right by their side as they dive into the depths of their being and prepare to transform their lives.

The Essential Addiction Recovery Companion will help the reader:

  • Discover the hidden potential that has been clouded by addiction
  • Create an unimaginable life filled with infinite possibilities
  • Build stronger intimate relationships with family and friends
  • Learn to live a life filled with mindfulness and get the most out of each unique moment
  • Learn how to conquer the devious denial system that keeps addiction alive
  • Access the genuine peace and joy that exists within one's being

The Essential Addiction Recovery Companion is perfect for addiction professionals, recovering individuals, family members and anyone interested in truly living life free from any addiction.

 The Essential Recovery Companion is available in paperback, E-Book and Audio format.

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Your Daily Walk with the great minds

Book Description

Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds

If you could change your life today, what would you do...?

Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds gives you the inspiration you need each day to be the best you can be and live the life you've always desired. Let me be the coach who will lift your spirits, challenge you to go the extra mile, and fulfill your life's wishes every day.

Have you ever wondered?

. How to have the most fulfilling relationship you can imagine?
. Why you keep ending up in the same situations over and over again?
. How to get the job of your dreams?
. How to maintain peace of mind in a world of conflict and strife?
. What does it really mean to be a successful human being?

I invite you to find the answers to these and other questions through meditations and journaling exercises on Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds: Wisdom and Enlightenment of the Past and Present, Pocket Edition

Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds is available in paperback, E-Book Audio format and as pocket and workbook editions. 

Eastern Wisdom western soul

Book Description

Eastern Wisdom Western Soul

Eastern Wisdom Western Soul bridges spiritual enlightenment of the East with the mind and soul of the West.

Spiritual enlightenment from the Far East has taught the world that true happiness and peace comes from within, a wisdom that transcends time and boundaries. As each new generation struggles to find happiness in an ever-changing world overrun by technology and media, few take the inward path to deep, long-lasting peace. 

Richard Singer, a psychotherapist, has studied hundreds of Eastern-based writings and given them new life in today s world for people looking to apply this wisdom to the stressful and frustrating aspects of the 21st century. Based on the words of Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, and others, Richard Singer has illuminated some of the most profound Eastern quotes with 111 meditations and contemporary applications. Each selection acts as a seed that he expands upon to create a practical meditation for a real-life situation, enabling you to recognize and accept the inner peace of your true being . . . right here, right now!

Eastern Wisdom Western Soul is available in paperback and E-Book formats.

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Now: Embracing the Present Moment

Book Description

Now: Embracing the Present Moment

Now: Embracing the Present Moment is one of those special books that should be required reading for the curriculum of life. As the world around us speeds up, we need to learn to cherish and appreciate each present moment we are so freely given. 

The person who reads one reflection each day from this well-conceived book is almost certain to find him or herself entering into a deeper--and possibly transformative--practice of appreciation for  each moment. 

--Publishers Weekly 

Words are the physicians for the mind diseased quote.  Image featuring Richard Singer's Books and a

Expert Reviews

Praise for Richard Singer's Books

"Richard Singer has outdone himself! If you thought his first book, Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds was wonderful, you haven't read anything yet. Singer has taken the word 'mindfulness' to a new level and shows us how to apply it to every moment of our lives." --Sue Vogan, Author/Radio Show Host 

"Richard A. Singer is a highly respected psychotherapist who has devoted his life to understanding Eastern psychology/philosophy: he has also committed his time to writing books on his personal discoveries and shares his thoughts not as a 'Guru or Sage', but as a warmly friend guide to bring the secrets of Eastern wisdom to the public. EASTERN WISDOM WESTERN SOUL is, then, less a course in philosophy and more of an encouragement to practice means to find peace and tranquility in each of our lives, the obvious extension of that mission would be to alter the way we are living on this planet. " --Grady Harp, Top Amazon Reviewer

"101 Tips For Recovering from Addiction is a must read and a wonderful tool for anyone dealing with addictive behaviors and life's many waves. Rick Singer is writing from the heart and provides us with so many helpful strategies and coping skills! This book is a fantastic one to have in your hands!"
--Erica Spiegelman, Addiction Specialist, speaker and author of Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery 

“I have spent my life studying lots and lots of self-development books and I can say emphatically that Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds ranks in the top ten. I whole-heartedly recommend this book to any seeker of self-development.”  

—C. Kumarbabu, MD, PhD

Former head of Dept. of Psychiatry,
Stanley Medical College Hospital, Chennai, India

Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds is a highly intimate and engaging philosophy and very strongly recommended for its invaluable grasp of worldly study and in-depth analysis of the surrounding experience.”                                      

Midwest Book Review

“Mr. Richard Singer has written a lovely inspirational book filled with heart... This wonderful book can only add to and enrich your life.”

—Barbara Rose, Ph.D. Author, If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer 

“The author did not create an inspirational tool, but a sagacious wormhole for extraordinary change by combining valuable elements sparking synergy. A must-have book, destined best seller, and powerful vehicle ready to fly. Recommended.” 

Mindquest Review, by Lightword Publishing 

“More than simply a daily meditation, Your Daily Walk provides priceless pearls of wisdom, meditations, and opportunities for personal journaling. This gem of a book is a wonderful traveling companion throughout the year, offering opportunities for spiritual growth and enrichment. I highly recommend it.”

—David J. Powell, Ph.D.,
Institute of Mental Health, Beijing Medical University

“Mr. Singer’s masterpiece offers a path to shape your day and dares you to risk and grow—to meet your true potential. If you thirst for true meaning in life, Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds by Richard A. Singer, Jr. is a necessity. Highly Recommended.”    

—Sue Vogan, BookPleasures.com

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